At Sunflower Yoga & Healing Arts, we reach out to the community and provide a vibrant, fun experience, while helping clients learn tools to build healthy, peaceful lives.

We specialize in adapting yoga and meditation to fit mobility and health challenges. Practice yoga from where you are, be it a mat, a chair, or a bed. Everybody can benefit.


Sunflower Yoga designs classes and programs to meet you where you are. Your unique body and situation is taken into account when classes and courses are designed.

Jane Gallagher is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Sunflower Yoga & Healing Arts. She is a Registered Yoga Therapist and Reiki Master who has a passion for sharing self - healing knowledge with others. Jane finds great pleasure in being able to adapt programs to meet the needs of the individual, and / or group.

As a Reiki Master Jane incorporates the nurturing, healing energy of Reiki into her teachings.

Jane Gallagher Reiki Master and Yoga Therapist

Jane Gallagher

A healer does not heal you.

A healer is someone who

holds space for you while you

awaken your inner healer,

so that you may heal yourself.

Mayam Hasnaa